Discover our cleansers

Effective, gentle, creating unique sensorial cleansing experience for every skin type.


Drawing on its skincare expertise and mastery of makeup, the Dior Innovation Center has developed a comprehensive range of 10 innovative formulas with refined, gentle textures that are extremely effective while delivering amazing sensory pleasure.

In a single step, the high performance formulas gently cleanse the skin of even the most stubborn makeup, while perfectly respecting each skin type's unique needs.

The secret to radiant skin and perfect makeup starts with the cleansing ritual. Reinvented by Dior to satisfy the desires of even the most demanding women.


To ensure the perfect balance between high-performance cleansing and extreme respect for the skin, the Dior Innovation Center selected three refined flowers for their cleansing virtues, delicate fragrance, and gentle compounds:
- Velvet Peony is gentle and soothing, for dry or sensitive skin.
- Crystal Iris, with its re-balancing and purifying properties, is ideal for normal to combination skin.
- Pure Lily  extracts strengthen and protect the skin, no matter your skin type, ensuring its youthful beauty is preserved.  

Dior's Cleansers guarantee a unique effectiveness, with no harsh effects on skin.


In a single step of unrivaled gentleness and unique sensory pleasure, all traces of makeup are removed. The skin's hydro-lipidic balance is preserved, ensuring your ultimate comfort.
Perfectly clean, soft and supple, the skin reveals the freshness of its youth and the purity of its beauty.