Discover Dior Vernis

Unique, vibrant colors, flawless wear and a high-tech brush for easy application in just one step.


Tyen, Makeup Creative Director for Dior, invents vibrant new hues every season for Dior Vernis to reflect the spirit of the Maison Dior's haute couture collections.


The colors for the new Dior Vernis have a glossier sheen than ever before. Each pigment was formed and micronized to produce optimal color when applied to the nails.
The texture of Dior Vernis relies on an innovative combination of polymers and resins that fuse with the nail, helping it resist chipping. This technical feat results in perfectly lasting color and shine.
The Dior Vernis formula includes a cocktail of active ingredients to amplify brightness and shine, aligning the pigments and pearlescent elements in the same direction to reflect every glint of light. It is enriched with silicon and proteins to treat nails by reinforcing the keratin, making the nails stronger and harder with each application.

For nails that are stronger, harder, with each application.


For more accurate and rapid application, Dior offers a brush of unprecedented design. Wider with a rounded cut, it ideally hugs the shape of the nail, flawlessly spreading the polish and making it just as easy to apply colour to the right and left hand.
The brush also magnifies the effects of the new formula: shine, coverage and lasting hold.

First apply a layer of protective Apricot Base Coat to strengthen your nails and increase the longevity of your polish.
For a perfect finish, then apply a very thin first coat of Dior Vernis then a second thicker coat.
To boost the radiance of the colour and shine, apply Apricot Top Coat.