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      Capture Lift

      V-Liner Ultra-Stretch Corset Mask

      Lift & Reshaping Expert


      The Capture Lift V-liner ultra-stretch corset mask is a n intensive weekly treatment.
      Specially developed to fit the morphology of Asian women, its exclusive formula provides a ‘hot/cold’ effect upon application which boosts microcirculation
      and ensures a lovely comfortable feeling yet strong skin-shaping performance.


      Ultra-precise: it fits precisely along the V-line.
      Ultra-intense: its corset design exerts pressure on the contours of the face to hold the tissue in place.
      Ultra-instantaneous: the face is immediately lifted and stretched.
      Contours are defined, skin is fresher, more tonic.
      In 10 minutes, the jaw line is more precise, revealing a perfectly shaped V-Angle.

      Application tip

      Use once or twice a week. For maximum effectiveness, apply after the Capture Lift treatment using the application technique based on Dior Institut expertise.

      Capture Lift
      Ultra-Stretch Remodeling Creme

      As a skin coat, the creme leaves a thin texture over your skin to bring instant suppleness and comfort. The Capture Lift Ultra-stretch remodeling creme is a Highly concentrated in ElastemTM Complex creme. This refined smooth creme immediately puts a fresh supple spring intothe skin to ideally complete the Serum Performance.

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      Capture Lift
      V-Liner Ultra-Stretch Corset Mask