Fahrenheit Parfum, the new intensity. A harmony of opposites to combine strength and elegance. The fragrance dons a vibrant and sensual accord, featuring violet and leather accents enhanced with Bourbon vanilla absolute. The irresistible appeal of a unique fragrance heightened by precious ingredients.

olfactory notes

  • Top note
    Sicilian mandarin
  • Heart note
    Violet - Leather accord
  • Base note
    Bourbon vanilla accord
Shaving balm

Heighten and extend the sensory pleasure of Fahrenheit to the intimacy of the shaving ritual. This innovative, alcohol-free emulsion-cream moisturizes and instantly soothes the skin. Its practical pump dispenser tube delivers just the right amount of balm every time.

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    olfactory notes

    • Top noteSicilian mandarin

      All Mediterranean countries grow mandarin trees, but the best mandarins are produced in Sicily. The different colors of mandarin, yellow, green and red, correspond to the different stages of ripeness. Essence of mandarin is a citrus note, offering fragrances a fresh and fruity accent. Mandarin is an exotic top note.

    • Heart noteViolet - Leather accord

      The leaves of the violet produce a unique and powerful fragrance with green, vegetable and ever so slightly flowery notes. The sensual violet is a surprising heart note in Fahrenheit.
      The leather note was originally created to imitate the smell of the Russian leather used to make hussars' boots. Their soft leather was tanned using birch bark. Perfumers recreated these burnt, smoky, birch, styrax and cade notes delivering an exotic, enchanting effect. It features as a heart note in Fahrenheit.

    • Base noteBourbon vanilla accord

      The white vanilla flowers produce a fruit that ripens in 8 to 9 months. Vanilla beans are harvested just before they are ripe and undergo a ripening process for 34 months. Their fragrance develops and vanilla crystals form. Vanilla gives off its sweet and spicy accords.