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      Capture XP

      Ultimate wrinkle correction cream normal to combination skin

      Wrinkle Correction Expert


      The Capture XP  Ultimate wrinkle correction creme normal to combination skin is a thick yet delicate creme, with its light texture. It corrects wrinkles and leaves skin smooth, soft and matte in appearance.


      Powerful 2-step effectiveness
      In 1 hour, the transformation of wrinkles is spectacular and visible to the naked eye*, thanks to the intelligent textures that effectively complement the "skincare" action of the Hyalu-Stem Complex**.
      In 1 month, the serum deploys all its youth-enhancing effectiveness***.
      Proven effectiveness on 100% of wrinkles****. Day after day, the Hyalu-Stem™ Complex stimulates the creation of youth-replenishing matter beneath wrinkles**.
      * Instrumental tests
      ** In vitro test
      *** Clinical tests
      **** Test by self-scorage and instrumental measurements taken on forehead wrinkles, crow's feet, undereye area, frown furrow, cheek wrinkles and smile lines; 25 subjects, 2 months, beauty routine.

      Application tip


      Key ingredient

      The Hyalu-Stem™ complex doubles hyaluronic acid production(1), to continuously recreate youth beneath wrinkles. It triggers the direct stimulation of high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid synthesis, thanks to the Galanga extract, and its indirect stimulation through the protection of stem cells (TP-Vityl™). (1) In vitro test

      Capture XP
      Ultimate wrinkle correction eye cream

      The eye creme's texture is adapted to the eye contour and finer than that of the face creme. Like a skin coat, it creates a textured film on the skin's surface, delivering instant suppleness and comfort. The Capture XP Ultimate Wrinkle Correction Eye Creme is a soft and comfortable firming veil that concentrates all its action on the most delicate area of the face.

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      Capture XP
      Ultimate wrinkle correction cream normal to combination skin