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    Dior Prestige White

    Satin Brightening Mask for the Face, Neck and Décolleté

    Intense brightening ritual


    The Dior Prestige White satin brightening mask, as fine and delicate as satin, clarifies and revitalizes the skin of the face, neck and décolleté using an innovative two-step design. Skin is immediately smoothed, plumped and brightened. Dark spots are visibly diminished.


    Corrects the face, neck and décolleté. Dark spots are diminished over time. Skin is intensely smoothed, plumped and brightened.  In just 10 minutes, one mask delivers an entire bottle's worth of White Nectar while refreshing the skin. The face, neck and décolleté are visibly revitalized and radiate with natural clarity.

    Dior Garden

    A pioneer in ethnobotany for over 20 years, Dior Science identifies in nature the rarest and most powerful flowers cultivated in soils most favorable to their growth. This has resulted in dedicated Gardens around the world. Dior Science’s unique transformation expertise allows it to extract the part of each flower which is the purest and most effective for the skin. Derived from a cliff-growing rose discovered in the garden of Christian Dior, Rose de Granville boasts twice the vital energy of a traditional rose*. It is cultivated in the Loire valley garden, in the heart of the best French terroir. Grown organically in the ground, this allows it to express fully all its cellular vitality.
    *In vitro test.

    Key ingredient

    9 years of research were required to concentrate Rose de Granville’s vitality into a powerful Nectar. It soothes and helps to repair micro-inflammations*, driving skin aging. It intensely revitalizes the skin and delivers absolute protection.
    Within the White Collection, Rose de Granville Nectar is combined with the unique brightening powers of White Peony Nectar. A thousand-year old symbol of purity and glow, it inhibits the production of melanin and stimulates its natural elimination*. Spots are visibly reduced and the skin glows as bright as a pure white flower.
    *In vitro test.

    Application tip

    Use once or twice, a week for an entire month as an intensive treatment regimen. Apply on face and neck, after the toning lotion. Allow it to infuse the skin for 10 minutes, then rinse.

    Dior Prestige White
    La Crème éclaircissante

    Combining the extraordinary life power of the Rose de Granville with the unique whitening properties of the White Rose, La Crème Eclaircissante delivers a dual regenerating and brightening action whilst wrapping the skin in exquisite comfort.

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    Dior Prestige White
    Satin Brightening Mask for the Face, Neck and Décolleté