A new breath of life and energy for your skin

Every day, 7 billion toxins accumulate in the skin, preventing it from regenerating and diminishing its glow. Applied before any other skincare, One Essential is the 1st fundamental daily skincare step for combating this process*, to restore radiant skin that is full of life.

The Spring primary pollution peak:
The new challenge against toxins for the skin

Perceived as a gentle season with pleasant temperatures, spring is however one of the most harmful period for the skin, as the level of urban pollution is at its height. Indeed, after winter, primary pollution1 rejected by human activity is still high. With the lack of wind, it accumulates in the lower layers of the atmosphere. Simultaneously, the first UV rays transform this primary pollution into ozone, a harmful gas which increases skin toxin production by up to 44%2. And so, throughout the spring season, the skin lives in an environment saturated with pollution.
As the air quality worsens, toxins in the skin multiply. The skin struggles to breathe; it suffocates. As a result, it becomes dull, losing its radiance and vitality.
*Fine particles, metals, carbon monoxide or hydrocarbons from road traffic, heaters activities, agriculture, industries. 
**In vitro tests on ingredients

A breakthrough in cell detoxification

Capitalizing on its 20 years of groundbreaking research into cellular detoxification inspired by a Nobel Prize** winning discovery,
Dior Science has enriched One Essential with a new formula boasting unprecedented performances.
For the 1 st time*, its new patented formula targets 100% of toxins identified*** at the heart of the cells.
The skin is freed and intensely re-energized.

In its search to continuously offer even greater performances, Dior Science has succeeded in targeting right down to the "lung" of the cell: the mitochondrion. Found at the heart of each cell, mitochondria are responsible for the creation of cellular energy. Time and external aggressors, such as pollution, cause an excess accumulation of toxins and exhaust the cells' "lungs". The skin's energy levels diminish, from its deepest layers to its surface.

A new, unparalleled detoxifying formula for radiant skin that is full of life

The new, even more powerful One Essential formula, enriched with Red Hibiscus extract from the Dior Garden in Burkina Faso, frees the skin from 100% of toxins identified at the heart of cells*** and intensely re-energizes the skin.
One Essential enables you to restore skin radiance thanks to a three-dimensional action:
DETOXIFIES and ENERGIZES: it continuously eliminates toxins*** and frees the flow of energy at the heart of the skin.
REGENERATES: it optimizes the correct functioning of cells.
BOOSTS: it boosts by up to 4 times the effectiveness of ingredients*** in your usual, subsequently applied skincare.
Triple proof of effectiveness: astounding radiance acclaimed by women; a purity noted by dermatologists; smoother skin, measured by imaging.
Instantly facial features are smoothed and the skin glows with an even purer radiance. It appears revived as its beauty and original energy are restored.
Day after day, the skin is intensely regenerated, full of life, and deeply revitalized with a new "breath" of life and energy.

Hibiscus from the Dior Garden in Burkina Faso: unique properties decoded and enhanced by Dior Science

Sabdariffa Hibiscus or "Bissap" is a plant commonly used in Africa as a detoxifying and energizing substance. Dior Research has conducted studies on this flower revealing that the delicate calyx which holds the corolla of petals detains a hidden detoxifying power of extraordinary natural strength.
The Dior Garden dedicated to Hibiscus is located in the heart of the Koro Ecological and Cultural Site, a 20 hectare area that is home to nearly 190 plant species. This outstanding location was selected for its unique geology, which explains its rich soil. Based on ancestral know-how, the harvesting of dark calyces is carefully carried out by hand in order to preserve these delicate flowers. The calyces are then dried naturally before a green extraction procedure in water completes the process of obtaining this powerful active ingredient.

An optimized texture combining effectiveness and sensory delight

The Dior master formulators have developed a texture that combines high-tech innovations with pure sensory delight. This powerful, ultra-modern formula has been fine-tuned to optimize the bioavailability of the Hibiscus extract.
One Essential's fresh, air-whipped and slightly pinkish texture revives the complexion and instantly infuses it with radiance, without a pearlescent effect. 
Like a veil of silk, it leaves the skin perfectly smooth and silky, without a greasy feel or tightening effect.

**Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2004 for the discovery of proteasome
***In vitro tests on ingredients