The Dior Hand

The Dior hand is a meticulous, demanding manual technique, a unique area of expertise transmitted thanks to the passion of the Master-Formulators, real craftsmen of excellence for Dior Skincare.

The Dior Master Formulators

At the Innovation Center in Saint Jean de Braye, the Dior Master Formulators master the palette of over 3,000 raw materials and discover the boldest of them every day.  Each of them is chosen both for its functional and its sensory properties. Creativity, boldness, patience and rigor are essential qualities for the creation of Dior Skincare.


Formulation is as meticulous as the goldsmith's art: in order to obtain the perfect formula, modifications must be made step by step, ingredient by ingredient, handling tiny quantities precisely and delicately until an exceptional result is achieved.  A real balancing act. This result is often the fruit of an unlimited number of attempts: a Dior formula requires between 100 and 200 tests, representing up to 1,000 hours' work spread over 6 to 12 months.

The effectiveness of the product lies at the heart of the laboratory's requirements. If, in a classic formulation, the standard creative process consists of infusing the active ingredients in pre-existing textures, that of Dior sets itself apart by developing its formulas around the heart of active ingredients, thus guaranteeing their preservation and effectiveness. Dior's Master Formulators therefore craft their formulas little by little, starting with a precious active molecule in order to preserve its strength and benefits. As every active ingredient is different, this dressing requires real "made-to-measure" work similar to that of a great couturier.

Dior skincare treatments have always provided women with effectiveness that is both immediate and long-lasting.

The unique performance and sensory nature of Dior skincare rely on formulation secrets guarded by the Master Formulators. Every formula has its own secret: be it a Dior patented active ingredient with super-powerful properties for the skin, a made-to-measure vector able to transport the active ingredients deep into the skin, or a very special dressing of the active ingredients to quench the skin with unique sensory appeal... 

Dior skincare treatments have always provided women with effectiveness that is both immediate and long-lasting. Upon application they give visible results, coupled with an immediate sense of wellbeing. But their action is not limited to the surface of the skin. Dior formulas are nourished with active ingredients in order to provide deep-down benefits over the long term.

The pleasure of textures

The sensory appeal of Dior skincare is its signature. The Formulators work closely with a team of evaluators who try each of the tests and guide the formulation towards ever more effectiveness and pleasure.
The Dior skincare craftsmen therefore dress the active ingredients in voluptuous textures of incomparable comfort, giving the skin immediate and long-lasting wellbeing.