Discover Dior Homme Dermo System

Dior Homme Dermo System skincare products are the result of a synergy between the Dior Homme world, the latest dermatological breakthroughs and the anti-aging expertise of the Dior Innovation Center to preserve the youthful look of men's skin.


A world symbolizing distinguished and modern elegance with simple and minimal graphic lines traced in black and white and the occasional sparkle of silver, found on the Dior Homme Dermo System packaging.

Dior Homme Dermo System is strongly inspired by the urban atmosphere of the major world capitals: New York, Paris, Berlin... Massive volumes, geometric and symmetrical shapes, industrial materials (iron, metal, glass, etc.).
Today, men live in this creative, bustling, adrenaline-boosting urban environment.

Dior drew inspiration from contemporary art to design the Dior Homme Dermo System range: simple codes (black & white) that are pared-down (geometric shapes, perfect symmetry) and minimalist to retain only the essential and make this range a high-status range within the Dior catalogue.

The Dior Homme Dermo System identity is undeniably linked to the image of modern dandies. Expressing strong values, they incarnate more than they represent. They are sophisticated, cultivated men who mix different inspirations to create their own, unique style. Controlled sophistication, a mastered style and an entirely new type of masculinity.


Men's skin has specific features: it is thicker than that of women (+25%) and oilier, as men's hormones secrete more sebum. As a result, men generally have more acne and blemishes and their pores are more enlarged.
However, this excess sebum has the advantage of protecting their skin better from environmental stress, as it constitutes the essential part of the hydrolipidic film, the first skin barrier.
Another advantage of men's skin: its firmness. Men's skin is denser and more elastic than that of women (+22% collagen fibers), which helps delay signs of skin aging. Even so, once the process is triggered, men's skin ages more severely. Wrinkles become deeper and furrows appear.
Men's skin also undergoes further stress: that of shaving. By removing superficial skin cells, the razor damages the hydrolipidic film and causes its dehydration. The risk of localized infections is increased. Sensitized and irritated, the skin is more fragile than ever.
Therefore, men's skin has truly specific features that the Dior Innovation Center has clearly identified to develop Dior Homme Dermo System : an expert, adapted line of products to preserve the youthful look of men's skin.

Dior Homme Dermo System : an expert, adapted line of products to preserve the youthful look of men's skin.


The DHDS textures give form to 3 men's care claims: imperceptible, pure and avant-garde, they contain all the potent active ingredients of the range to offer men high-tech, design products.
- Textures that are rapidly absorbed for extremely easy application.
- Lightweight, fresh and non-oily textures for absolute comfort.
- Minimal fragrance to leave only the essential on the skin.


Dior and the “Harvard General Clinical Unit for Research Trials in Skin” worked in close collaboration to create Dior Homme Dermo System: - Cosmetic evaluation of Dior Homme Dermo System products on 50 men. - Implementation of scientific research and drafting of a file on men's skin. A UNIQUE TECHNOLOGY Derived from fundamental and experimental research on tissular architecture and the cellular protection of men's skin, Dior Homme Dermo System features the latest technological innovations.

The LVMH laboratories unveiled two decisive functions in the quality of men's skin: I. The renewal of epidermal cells and skin components. II. Protection and resilience in the presence of various forms of environmental stress for the skin. To respond to this skin diagnosis, two active ingredients were selected for their synergic and cumulative action: I. β-ecdysone to help repair the skin and improve the quality of its surface. II. Vitamin E Phosphate to soothe the skin and heighten its protection.