Discover Fahrenheit

Fahrenheit heralded the new vision of manhood: a free man in his quest for meaning and the infinite, open to the world and to nature.


It is the shockwaves that create the legends...
Any fragrance that has become a great classic was first a revolution, a clash. In 1988 Fahrenheit was created, a beautiful, fragrant alien in the universe of men's fragrances. Truly embodying the pioneering spirit of Dior, Fahrenheit entered territory thus far unexplored by a fragrance: the land of dreams, of fancy, of the quest for new challenges. Faced with the immensity of nature and its unbridled power, a strong masculine character emerged effortlessly. Still today, its radical modern edge remains intact, its original seduction untouched. Fahrenheit tells a story of the creative intuition of a fashion house that is the source of the legend. A story of creative clashes. At first, an artistic clash Created from a major artistic clash, the very idea for this fragrance came in New York before "Fahrenheit 1982" and "Brighter than the sun", two paintings by James Rosenquist, one of the American masters of Pop Art. Far off the beaten track, Fahrenheit is inspired by the captivating red glow of the work. An "in your face" yet extremely modern fragrance. Infinite fancy "Fahrenheit, far away…"

The "barrel" note, a clash of scents
The clash of a violet, surprisingly feminine, made more manly in a mysterious wood and leather accord.
But also the clash from a unique note, created by chance, that is now legendary. It is said that a barrel of perfume abandoned in a courtyard in the open air and sunlight suddenly gave off an extraordinary and unexpected fragrance. Immediately recognized for its power and beauty, the note was analyzed and reproduced. The Fahrenheit signature is born.
The fragrance that both breaks with tradition and blends in harmony, keeping a touch of eternity.
A true legend.


In 1988 Fahrenheit was created, a beautiful fragrant clash in the universe of men's fragrances.
Its reddish-toned bottle evokes the blazing dusk.
A minimalist, cone shape with pure, fluid lines. Still today, its radical modern edge remains intact.
The Fahrenheit bottle was an industrial clash. A defect in the glass cooling process in the furnaces at the glassmaking workshops of Saint Gobain, and suddenly this extraordinary blend of colors appeared. Chosen unanimously, this powerful, earthy red even led to the design of a special furnace, thanks to the expertise of Saint Gobain, to reproduce this unique cooling process.

Fahrenheit Parfum: high sophistication, confident power.
Reflecting Dior's creative and visionary energy, Fahrenheit never ceases to question the elements and conjure their power. With this new Eau de Parfum, the emblematic, fire-coloured bottle celebrates the magic of these natural forces, becoming denser and more mysterious. Sophistication and attention to detail are taken to the extreme, represented by two symbolic letters, CD, engraved at the bottom in a solemn seal.

A few details that attest to the elegance of the new Fahrenheit Parfum bottle: more glass at the bottom to emphasize the nobility of the fragrance. A more solid foundation to its shape to assert its high sophistication. Two letters, CD, are engraved at the bottom in a solemn seal.


In 1988 Fahrenheit was a truly revolutionary fragrance and today it remains a groundbreaking perfume through its original combination of elegant violet and an intense accord of wood and leather.
A bold, powerful and magnetic signature that plays on hot and cold, masculinity and sensuality.
Creativity, distinction and character create the inimitable scent of Fahrenheit.

Fahrenheit Parfum, the new intensity

Quintessence of Fahrenheit, the new Eau de parfum emphasizes its nobility, sensuality and strength. The fragrance dons a vibrant and sensual accord, featuring violet and leather accents enhanced with Bourbon vanilla absolute.

A signature where extremes meet, where flowers blend with leather and wood. The irresistible appeal of a unique fragrance heightened by precious ingredients.