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The quintessence of J’adore

A glorious, balanced bouquet of flowers that work in harmony. Extreme, noble and surprising with a contained intensity, the creation by François Demachy is a daring encounter between the most beautiful flowers from Grasse and an oriental facet unique to the world of J'adore. A bold fragrance with a touch of opulence, a scent that immediately seduces.

Where Grasse meets the Orient

J’adore L’Or exalts its floral bouquet with Rose de Mai Absolute and Jasmine from Grasse Absolute derived from flowers grown by the Domaine de Manon exclusively for Dior. This exceptional terroir, nestled between the sea and the mountains, has all the special climatic conditions necessary to give these flowers their unique qualities.

Blended with the delicacy of these exceptional raw materials, Tahitian Vanilla and Tonka Bean have the seductive power of smooth notes that envelope the floral notes with a sensual caress. François Demachy uses these two expressive notes to give the composition of an oriental a modern interpretation.

An exceptional piece

The stopper of the J'adore amphora is immediately recognizable by its hieratic high neck wrapped in thin gold thread. It is a sophisticated reinterpretation of the shimmering lightness of couture thread.
Its faceted relief evokes a unique savoir-unique with a sculpted motif that begs to be touched.
This expertise is what produced an amphora crafted in Baccarat crystal. Its stopper gilded with fine gold and sculpted by a Master Engraver is a model of artistic craftsmanship:
J'adore Joaillerie Prestige edition.

Bold elegance

Today, J'adore L'Or has chosen to express its boldness with a new 400 ml deluxe bottle that highlights the beauty of the glass and showcases the J'adore stopper. Sculpted like a piece of jewelry, it is finely engraved then dipped in gold to make it sparkle—an illustration of rare craftsmanship. A masterpiece topped with a clear glass bead, the crowning glory of the famous hourglass shape of the J'adore amphora. The ultimate touch, like a delicately balanced droplet.