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    Dior Bronze

    After-sun care - Monoï balm

    A beautifully enhanced tan


    Inspired by a true beauty treasure of Polynesia, Dior reinvents the sacred Monoï oil and transforms it into an indispensable after-sun care, Dior Bronze monoï balm. Light, non oily and refreshing, it comforts sun-kissed skin and reveals a golden radiant tan on the face and body.
    Delicately perfumed and intensely nourished, skin feels supple and silky.


    Infused with Copra oil, this after-sun care restores the skin's natural hydration and compensates for dryness caused by sun exposure. Intensely nourished, the skin feels supple and incredibly silky.

    Application tip

    Apply generously to face and body after each exposure to the sun.


    Diorskin Nude Air tan powder
    Diorskin Nude Air tan powder
    Healthy Glow Sun Powder

    Diorskin Nude Air serum and powder: hailed by women as the ideal routine.

    The two complementary formulas work in perfect osmosis like layers of fine sheer fabric. The powder serves as an invisible shield for makeup, ensuring long wear and protecting the skin from urban stress factors.

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    Dior Bronze
    After-sun care - Monoï balm